The growth of “Rich Answers” in SEO

The “Rich Answers” are growing strongly, these questions at Google are still more numerous. Google’s response is given in search results before you enter the site. If the content retrieved by Google on your site exactly answer the question posed by the Internet, the click through rate is often very interesting.

The best way to benefit from the potential of Rich Answers is to produce a qualitative content answering questions of Internet users using the long tail.

To conclude on the SEO trends in 2016, the HTTPS secure connection and Mobile Friendly will be indispensable in all SEO strategies for the technical part.

Beyond the technique, a summary of other search engine optimization trends for 2016:

The content is KING, unique content with high added value,

The video content is a good vehicle traffic, a well-integrated video is a guarantee of success,

The tweets are indexed in Google, optimize your presence on social networks,

Local SEO is still a good growth driver, if you own a local business, go for it!

Rich Answers are growing! Take the opportunity to exploit the long tail in your industry.